SABER, MSK, AWR, LA, graffiti, tagging, graffiti art, Los Angeles, river, JA, FOE, dissed, CA, California

This piece inspired many that followed. It also inspired a hate fueled trip across the country to try to destroy it. So the world’s largest graffiti piece became the world’s largest diss. I saw it as a weak attempt to get some fame off another great piece by Saber.  JA/FOE aren’t know for their art skills, but are well versed in the art of the diss. They had to have spent an hour and used cans to deface the piece, but from a  far it still read strong. It really didn’t show much of the diss from a distance. The paint had started to fade already anyways.

Nowaday, 10.000+ gallons of buff later, and millions of dollars the LA river is clean, but the city is as dirty as ever.


After shooting the pic of the river I turned around and found these amazing drippy tags on the wall. Funny, it seems there is a Foe tag over there on teh left and AWR/MSK to the right.

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